Finding direction


Finding direction

“Coaching is the universal way to connect with people, helping them to develop a new perspective, while expanding their inner beliefs and boundaries, equipping them to become the best version of themselves.”

– Farshad Asl

Choosing ABC

Many people call themselves a coach, and there are quite some organizations where you can find coaches. But ABC is different.

ABC is an Association of Business Coaches, as the name reveals. ABC is a partnership of professionals who nurture their close mutual ties based on trust. This is unique in today’s business-circles.

Trust, commitment and responsibility are common terms and widely used.

Whether these terms are always applied correctly is the question. However, not at ABC. We operate in an environment that can be best described as a circle of safety. This is beneficial for all of ABC’s affiliates, clients as well as for the partners themselves. 

ABC’s partners counsel, challenge and educate each other constantly. In this way, they help each other and support each other’s development. To the association this is important, and the partners are very much able to do so.

Key concepts for our practice are encouragement awareness, understanding, transformation and empowerment, helping you to find your own strength.

“If you treat an individual as he is, he will remain as he is. But if you treat him as he were what he ought to be and could be, he will become what he ought and could be.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 



Senior Active Member


Senior Active Member


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Executive Coaching

  • Understanding yourself and your relationship with others
  • Developing your own leadership style
  • A better and more effective performing of your team or organization
  • Creating space for personal growth

Team Coaching

  • Promoting team effectiveness in operation and results
  • Improving effectiveness of cooperation and growth of individual team members
  • When there is a lack of trust or difficulties with commitment regarding decision-making


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Leadership development
Organisational constellations and systemic work
Coaching management/leadership
Mentoring and supervision (coaching&training)


  • A dialogue with a trusted partner who asks the right questions, listens and reflects
  • Opinion of reflective practitioners


  • Individual or as a team
  • Evaluation during selection
  • Questions on development
  • Supervised self-evaluation boards/supervisory boards

Since the start of our association in 2005, various publications were published