Hélène Propsma (1965) has extensive experience in management and consultancy, coaching and training. She has over twenty years of practice as a consultant, with proficiency as manager of professionals. She graduated as organizational psychologist in Leiden.

Hélène began her career as human resource manager at NCR Netherlands and then joined GITP (HRM agency; psychological examination/assessment; training; development; and (major) recruitment projects). As manager of a team of twelve R&S professionals, she was responsible for business development and eAssessment, besides her own consultancy projects.

In the subsequent years, Hélène worked as executive search consultant and later as partner at a small consulting firm. She works for her own company Propsma&Partners since 2009, and focuses on advising organizations on leadership development, executive (team) coaching, assessments and/or second opinion, career counseling, and training.

Additionally, Hélène founded the Diversity Company in 2009, inspired by her passion and personal belief that more diversity results in more success, more profit and more happiness. She also deals with diversity-related issues.
Hélène has been a partner at ABC Business Coaches since 2016.


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Hélène Propsma – EN,

Erik Meijer (Enschede 1958), graduated Lawschool at the university of Amsterdam and started a traineeship at the Amro Bank shortly after. Erik took his leave after a career of 32 years and in 2015 he established Erik Meijer Consulting. Throughout his time with ABN AMRO Bank he almost continuously worked in commercial management positions: in the branch network (branch and district managing director) as well as at the main office (change manager and regional managing director Special Credits). People and Change Management continued to be his major themes and the primary focus throughout his career. During his last two years at ABN AMRO, Erik worked as ‘in house coach’ and national coordinator regarding sustainable development.

Within his own practice Erik guides his clients in the broadest sense of the term. He alternately operates as coach, advisor, mirror or sounding board. Erik prefers to work with metaphors, humor and a little bit of theater. “In which theater do you perform right now, who is your audience and do you still receive any applause?” is a very well known saying of him.

Consultations take place outside as much as possible, while wandering through nature. This allows him to “confront in a cathartic way, with power, color and playfulness.” For Erik, this is an experienced and approved method to build a pleasant working relationship, which leads to happy and satisfied clients.
Erik has been a partner at ABC Business Coaches since 2016.


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Erik Meijer – EN,

"The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them". Albert Einstein

Marjo van Ekelenburg_en (1957) works as Executive Coach from her office Van Ekelenburg MC2: Management, Coaching and Counseling. She studied Developmental Psychology in Groningen. Growth and change throughout the different stages of a human’s live have her warm interest. Following her degree, she choses to push her personal boundaries and welcomed a variety of challenges, at home and abroad. She worked as a waitress in New York, as art director, bank manager and as recruitment director.

After years of operating in widely differing branches and offices, she returned to psychology. She became industrial-organizational psychologist, consultant and eventually partner at Ernst&Young. When Ernst&Young Consultants was sold, she established as an independent coach. While working as director and supervisor, she realized that her passion lies in guiding people who strive to reach their full potential.

Her clients are CEOs, executives and professionals from a variety of divisions. She develops a customized program that focuses on individual- and team coaching. Her clients take clear-cut measures, based on understanding and courage, and go through a process of great personal growth. To Marjo, key concepts regarding her work as a coach are warmth, humor and focus.

vanekelenburgmc2.nl -- Marjo van Ekelenburg CV

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Marjo van Ekelenburg – EN,

Frans Gosses (1948) studied Dutch Law in Leiden. He started his career in development assistance at SNV and was assigned to West Africa. Subsequently he started a career in the Royal Dutch Shell Group in human resources management. During his eleven years with Shell he had management positions in the Netherlands as well as in Africa, most of them focusing on management development.

After his Shell period, he became a partner in an executive search partnership, thus becoming an entrepreneur. He spent 17 years in this activity, first as (managing) partner at ATKearney Executive Search and later at an organization that is currently known as Maes & Lunau.

In January 2005 Frans established himself as executive coach and he has been involved with ABC since 2007. Besides coaching he works as an executive assessor, e.g. in cooperation with Jonathan Warner and has participated in several projects at boardroom level focusing on optimization of teamwork. Furthermore, Frans works as country coordinator for PUM.

Frans was founding member of the VVD’s ‘Permanente Scouting Commissie’, the committee establishing the party’s list of candidates for the Dutch House of Representatives, the Senate and the European Parliament.

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Frans Gosses – EN,

Rob Mommers (1949) is a sociologist. He has extensive experience working both with organizations and individuals. He spent about half of his 33 years at ABN AMRO Bank in executive positions within the field of human resources and organization, while the other half he worked in general management. After this era he worked as an executive coach for 11 years. Rob retired in 2015 and he currently volunteers in many different fields. He savours spending time with his children and grandchildren. Throughout the years Rob enjoyed his finest hours in human resource management and counseling positions. He was jointly responsible for excessive reorganizations when he was member of the board of directors of the ABN AMRO Netherlands Division. This experience inspired him to change course and start working as an independent executive coach. Rob is one of the founders of the Association of Business Coaches. He feels responsible for the continuity within the association, but took a step back as he no longer has a private practice. Therefore, he is not a partner at ABC but senior active member instead. He is available as sounding board and to support the partners in their personal development. linkedin45 tw45 fb45-2 mail45

Rob Mommers – EN,
Senior Active Member

Peter Idenburg (Wassenaar, 1942) studied Law in Leiden, Business Administration in France (INSEAD MBA ) and obtained a PhD degree in Utrecht. He was an attorney in Los Angeles, was employed by the European Commission and worked in international companies for many years. Later he served as a Director General within the Dutch Ministry of Industry. Furthermore, Peter was a professor and dean at the University of Twente and Delft University of Technology. He received his licensed coach diploma from the MMS institute and completed the Coaching and Consulting for Change course at INSEAD in 2006.

Peter started as an executive coach in 2004 and has been partner at ABC since 2006. He gained a great amount of experience within the field of coaching, in the Netherlands and abroad. His clients come from senior layer management, are young executives from industry or professionals. He has given workshops on leadership at corporations and business schools in The Netherlands and throughout the world and initiated a training in corporate governance and behavior for INSEAD alumni.

Our dynamic society requires frequent organizational and personal change. It is Peter’s conviction that everyone has to regularly invest time in his or her personal development. Coaching is a very powerful tool to support that process. To be a successful coach, it is a prerequisite that one has matured in one’s own process of change and development.

In his practice, Peter currently focuses on questions of vitality, meaning and spirituality in the final stage of one’s career and the third phase of life. Peter is married and has three children and five grandchildren. His hobbies are writing, music, literature, visual and fine arts, architecture and mountaineering.

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Peter Idenburg-EN,
Senior Active Member