Leadership Development

Challenges for leaders are great; the world is rapidly changing so this requires a clear vision and strategy and the constant adjustment of the organization. Agility, flexibility and innovation – keys for the health of the organization – are the responsibility of the (senior) management.

To be equipped to meet the above challenges, it is important that the senior manager / leader has a view of himself in relation to the organization. This leadership program searches for the link; “How do you make the strategy your own and how do you translate this successfully to others?”

Organisational constellations and systemic work

Organisational constellations are a fast, creative and intense way to understand the dynamics of an organisational system. It shows what the -often unconscious- dynamics of a company, organisation or team are, how the relationships between departments or between different layers of management are, how the relationships between business, products, customers and visions are, how individuals in the company work together, and above all, what the potential of the company or organisation and its people is.

Coaching management / leadership

You want to be an inspiration to your employees and let them work based on their own strength and talent. At the same time you have your own interests as a manager and you have to achieve team and organizational objectives.

Mentoring and peer (coaching & training)

Customized training:
– Authentic presentation and giving speeches (elevator pitch, important speeches, meetings)
– Evaluate and select – both in selection as we as in development of employees
– Managing Professionals